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CARBON FREE HEATING Europe is going to heat natural gas free ELECTRIC HEATING?
Carbon free heating is not only for new homes. Older homes without a gas connection can also be heated with IONIZHEAT.
Europe is going to heat natural gas free
650 million m3 of gas. Only the Netherlands can save so much annually if all households that need a new central heating boiler opt for an IONIZHEAT.

The IonizheatThere are more than 9 million gas boilers in the Netherlands, 1.5 million will have to be replaced by 2030. In conclusion, we have to ban natural gases . The remaining 7.5 million should be replaced by 2050.

With IONIZHEAT  we contribute to a sustainable world. With a proof of concept, a product that almost needs no maintenance, with a very long life span and by a small ecological footprint it fits into the circular economy.

Electrical heating often doesn’t seem realistic.

But is it always true?


for modern and responsible heating


Electric heating with the IONIZHEAT is economically justified, safe and secure. If all variable costs are charged, it is concluded that the IONIZHEAT is by far the most economical electric heating source.


Electricity is becoming increasingly generated from renewable energy sources. This green energy is very well applicable for heating homes, sanitary water and cooking. The efficiency of electric heating, such as the IONIZHEAT, is at no less than 100%!


No large and expensive renovations to prepare the house for the low temperature solution as with with heat pumps. This smoke-free and maintenance-free heating unit is connected within hours!


This modern and innovative heating system heats up a small amount of liquid that is pumped around within a primary system. Through a heat exchanger, the heat from the primary system is transferred to the water in the secondary system.


Do you want to skip the use of natural gas?

This can be done with the IONIZHEAT

Heating with Gas
Heating with natural gas
By Ionizheat-ht-en Jan 07, 2020

In order to heat homes or objects, with central heating systems we currently use almost always natural gas to provide the energy. The water temperature or  outgoing temperature is   approx. 90°C,  while the returntemperature is approximately 70°C. At present, 7.5

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Heating using a Heat Pump
Heating using a Heat Pump
By Ionizheat-ht-en Jan 07, 2020

An alternative   to   environmentally friendly heating homes is to install a so called. heat pump systems.  Because these systems work at a low temperature (max. 55°C), but  they cannot  be easily  connected to the existing heating infrastructure of older  homes.

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Heating with IONIZHEAT
Heating with IONIZHEAT
By Ionizheat-ht-en Jan 07, 2020

The IONIZHEAT can be installed  without further modifications to the existing installation within hours/days. Because Ionizheat operates full electric it can operate with various temperatures  (up to approximately 90°C),the existing infrastructure does not need to be adjusted. If desired, a

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The above quickly becomes clear that the heat pump ing technology may allow you to achieve a high cost saving.

Keep in mind that for an annual saving you need many years to recoup a high (approx. 50,000 €) investment!

You can therefore also heat your property carbon free without high investment costs!

The fact that we in the Netherlands have to stop using  fossil fuels, such as natural gas and fuel oil, is now clear to everyone. Less clear is how.

The simplest solution is for many to install a “heat pump”. Many current reports prove that this is not always the ultimate solution. The very high costs for isolating and the technical realisation possibilities and impossibilities are often reasons to choose for other solutions.

The IONIZHEAT proves that it can be easily and anywhere at a relatively low cost.

The advantages of this heating technique are equally below and side by side…..

• Works on electric power and therefore applicable everywhere;

• Virtually maintenance-free;

• No combustion therefore does not reduce CO2 emissions;

• No flue gas channel needed;

• No risk of gas leaks, fire or explosion;

• No co² emissions into the atmosphere;

• Ideal to combine with solar panels or solar water heaters;

• The IONIZHEAT is compact and fast to place anywhere;

• Ideal with radiators and/or underfloor heating (high and low temperature heating);

• Constant heat yield, even at very low temperatures;

• Optimal efficiency;

• The power demand is regulated by the  heat demand;

• Water-sided system control promotes the transfer of power;

• Relatively cheap to purchase;

• Connects to the existing heating grid;

• No cost for adjustments at low temperature heating.

The Netherlands must continue without using natural gas as soon as possible, that is for sure.

But what do you do in an apartment building or house in an inner city where you can’t even mount a silent fan for a heat pump on the façade?

The IONIZHEAT is the heating and solution to this problem

Plug in and ready!

As simple and fast you can get rid of natural gas!


thanks to the Joule effect!

The resistance encountered by electrons in a closed circuit, if controlled by a poorly conductive material, heat the atoms of this conductor.  or:

a resistance converts electricity into heat

This is the Joule effect described by James Prescott Joule.

This effect is therefore the warming of a conductor (resistance) when flow flows through it.

The heat production due to a current running by a conductor can be calculated with the law of Joule.  In a conductor with resistance  R,  heat production Is Q  (and loss of electrical energy in resistance):

W=I² x R x t

energy in joule (J) / I {\displaystyle I} current in amps  (A) / R {\displaystyle R}  resistance in Ohm ) (Ω) / t {\displaystyle t} time in second (s)

Source: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joule-effect


At the IONIZHEAT, the power source is directly connected to the water. Because water is a poor conductor and has a high specific heat, the electron flow encounters a high resistance, which, due to the Joule effect, provides a heating of the water atoms.

The operation of the IONIZHEAT is based on the direct heating of the water due to the Joule effect!

Conventional electric heating:

In the case of conventional electric heating, the power source is connected to a conductor with low resistance, compared to water. This resistance heats the atoms of this conductor (the heating element or heating spiral) through the Joule effect. This heat is issued by radiation to the water.

This is therefore an indirect and relatively slow heating process of the water.


The IONIZHEAT is more efficient than conventional electric heating!

IONIZHEAT Partners wanted

In various regions we are looking for driven and energetic entrepreneurs with vision.

IONIZHEAT Partners are the experts in the field of heating installations. In a unique concept of cooperation, these entrepreneurs work independently and on their own account in their own region, under their own flag on the energy transition of the Netherlands.

IONIZHEAT is a product of Electrical Heating Products in IJmuiden and has the ambition to be active in all regions of the Netherlands with our unique heating agents.

Would you like to join our formula with your existing or start-up company? Then feel free to contact us, we can tell you what is possible and where we can help you.

Are you the entrepreneur we’re looking for?